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Atlanta Braves superstar Ronald Acuna Jr. will be playing in the upcoming World Baseball Classic after all, representing his home country of Venezuela. Considering previous reports indicated that the Braves were blocking him from playing, this comes as a big surprise. Acuna will be bringing his starpower and MVP-caliber talent to the upcoming international tournament.

Ronald Acuna Jr. tore his ACL in 2021, and the team was wary of letting him play in this tournament due to that injury. The WBC does not have any bearing on the MLB season, so some teams prefer their players to not play. Acuna is clearly passionate about playing for his country on this big stage.

Bleacher Report broke the news of Acuna’s participation on Twitter.

Atlanta Braves beat reporter Justin Toscano reported that the team was comfortable with Acuna Jr. playing in the tournament.

Fans are incredibly excited by this development. Just recently, Minnesota Twins star Carlos Correa had to withdraw from the World Baseball Classic. Now, the event adds a star that many assumed wouldn’t be able to participate.

This year’s World Baseball Classic is shaping up to be the biggest in its short history. The amount of international baseball talent has never been higher, and it will all be on display in just a few short weeks. Players are competing not just for their own personal pride, but for pride in their home country. This is an exciting prospect for fans, who can cheer for any star from their country.

Ronald Acuna Jr. is unique as a baseball player and an entertainer. His on-field antics sometimes draw criticism, but they draw even more eyes to the sport. Considering the MLB’s desire to grow the game, they will only benefit from the World Baseball Classic.

Like this because it makes the WBC better but on the other hand i absolutely hate this because the chance of him hurting himself in a WBC game is highly twitter.com/BRWalkoff/stat…

The stars will be able to test their talents on what are essentially All-Star teams during an offseason usually devoid of meaningful games.

Ronald Acuna Jr.’s presence is a huge boost for the World Baseball Classic

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves
Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves

Some people say less is more, but those people probably don’t have access to this many superstar baseball players. It is imperative to the success of the WBC that as many big-name players as possible to commit to the tournament and take it seriously.

The event may still be in its infancy, relatively speaking, but it is already a respected institution. Ronald Acuna Jr. playing for Team Venezuela in 2023 is a boost to the event as a whole.

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