“Just wait til he finds out Mark Cuban is Jewish”

Kyrie Irving’s tumultuous tenure with the Brooklyn Nets has come to an end as the eight-time All-Star was traded to the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

His tenure with the Dallas Mavericks has not started without controversy, as the star point guard has come under fire for deleting his Instagram apology post for posting a film that led to his suspension earlier this season. Fans took to Twitter to react to Irving’s decision to delete the post.

@celticszn pointed out that the Mavericks’ owner, Mark Cuban, is Jewish, stating:

“Just wait til he finds out Mark Cuban is Jewish”

@DestroyingWrld questioned if the Mavericks’ fanbase is ready for drama:

“Mavs fans you ready for drama?”

@brandoncahill13 joked that his new state may be more accepting:

“He’s in Texas he has freedom now”

@Sterlofdaworld questioned if leaving the post up is necessary:

“Y’all saw it already, how long y’all need it to be up there?”

@miagiants shared a similar sentiment:

“Was he supposed to have it up for life?”

@TheWlllofD stated:

“One day in Dallas. Here we go mavs fans. Your turn to defend him”

@JordanGrafter98 pointed out that the post wasn’t recently deleted:

“He deleted it a while ago”

@JamesDinero_ accused the media of creating drama:

“Y’all fueling drama”

@CGBBURNER claimed Irving was forced to make the post:

“good, he was forced to post it”

@GIANNIS34MVP_ claimed that it is not that deep, stating:

“we honestly dont care, it aint that deep”

Check out reactions to the news that Kyrie Irving deleted his Instagram apology post below:

@LegionHoops @sam_amick I’m guessing by the spotlight being put on him for this that he’s the first nba player to ever delete an instagram post???

Stephen A. Smith weighs in on Kyrie Irving trade

Stephen A. Smith has been amongst the most vocal critics of Kyrie Irving. The NBA analyst took to his podcast, K[NO]W MERCY, to weigh in on the trade that sent Irving from the Brooklyn Nets to the Dallas Mavericks, stating:

“Every single d**n thing I said about Kyrie Irving, I meant it. He’s a superstar basketball player. He’s a sensational talent. He is box office. He is worth $50 million a year. Easy! I would just pay him one year at a time.”

He added:

“I ain’t giving that brother no long-term deal ’cause I can’t trust him. I’m not doing that, and it ain’t because he’s some bad guy. Kyrie is not a malicious person. He doesn’t mean to hurt and to harm people. He just believes he’s more knowledgable than everybody else.”

Irving played just 143 games during his nearly four-year tenure in Brooklyn as he missed time due to injuries, his decision not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and a suspension for sharing a controversial documentary. Irving and co-star Kevin Durant shared the floor for just 74 games.

Watch Stephen A. Smith’s comments on Kyrie Irving below:

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